A loving, compassionate story about a mother’s love and God’s healing
power. I would encourage anyone who has faced the death of a loved
one by suicide to experience the hope and encouragement found in
Linda’s words. You will be blessed by the sensitive spirit in which Linda
shares from her personal tragedy and the faith that brought her through.
Rev. William Joe Wade Jr., Pastor

Special signs. Singing. Praying. Planting a tree. All are experiences
that the author used in coping with the “shadows” in her life at the time
of her son’s death. It is evident that her strong faith in God continues to
support her and the family. With the recounting of these incidents and
the out-pouring of inner feelings, it is apparent the writer’s desire is to
give hope and solace. A special read for anyone that might be
living with a similar “shadow” or loss.
Kathy Coomer Cox, Retired Library Media Specialist

Walking Through the Shadow… a good book to have as a keepsake with
extra pages after each chapter, a nice journal for writing our thoughts,
such as, when I walked through my own shadow...after the death of my
close loved ones. This is a book to cherish.”
Mary Alice Black, mother of two children who have gone before.

"I received your book today, and I had to sit down and read it before I did

anthing else.  I thought you did a magnificent job.  I know the book does

not begin to display the pain that you and your family have gone through,

but it really puts life into perspective.  I know that it will help lots of people

because it is powerful.  I am so proud of you for doing this and I think God

will be able to use your words to reach some folks that may have not

otherwise seen or realize how big and good God is"

Rolan, from Somerset, KY 

"All who have lost a child should read this book!  I thought it was most

heart warming.  Your words are most comforting."

Paula Morgan, retired elementary teacher

"I have read your book, Walking Through the Shadow, and I could not

put it down.  I know it will be a blessing and uplift others who have lost

a loved one.  The scriptures you chose to use in the book were perfect."

Bobbie, retired Special Ed. Supervisor

"Read your book today.  I couldn't put it down until I had read it from

cover to cover.  It was mesmeriaing to say the least."

Terri, from Somerset, KY